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    Swl R 1000Et Ride On Sweeper

    Main Brush Width : 700 / 1230mm

    Collector Tank : 62 L

    Max Working Capacity : 6200 m2/h

    Max Speed : 5.8 km/h

    Battery Run Time : 2 to 5hrs

    Motor Type / Power: 24v / 1150w

    Filtering Surface : 6 m2 / 64.6 ft2

    Dimension / Weight: 143x91x114cm / 260kg


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  • Microfiber Mop 18
    Comfort Xs Essential Ride On Sweeper

    Power Supply : 24v

    Scrubbing / Squeegee Width : 750 / 900 mm Max Working Capacity : 3750 m2/h Detergent Tank Capacity : 110L Recovery Tank Capacity : 130 - 155 Itr. Brush Motor Power: 1 OOOw Battery Run Time : 2 to 5hrs Cleaning Speed : 0 to 8km/h Sound Decibel : 67 db

    Depression / Vacuum Motor :1 734mm H20 / 11 OOw Dimensions/Weight: 146x81x138 / 220kg

    The detergent water tank serves as battery compartment, allowing the housing of great capacity batteries granting continuous working time up to 4-5 hours.

    Large capacity shock and acid proof polyethylene tank (110 I) improves productivity avoiding frequent refilling and idle time.

    Simple and intuitive controls reduce operator's training time. Easy mechanical brush plate and squeegee lifting system, For low maintenance costs. The enbloc brush plate apply a very high pressure (50 kg) to the floor, strongly and deeply removing any kind of dirt.

    The cleaning solution is purified by an easily accessible external filter which holds back any possible debris,thus protecting the solenoid valve operation. The ergonomic and comfortable shape of the machine allows the operator to work effortless for a long time, improving productivity.

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    Crrs-130B Rideon Sweeper

    Sweeping Width : 1350mm Efficiency : 6750m2h Voltage : 36v Collection Tank Capacity : 1301 Driving Speed : 0-8km/hr Working Speed : 0-8km/hr

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