Chemicals » Kitchen

  • Manual Dishwash

    Removing oil, grease, fat, carbohydrate and starch on plate / crockery / utensils / glass ware with shine effects

  • Kitchen Cleaner

    Cleaning kitchen appliances, racks, chop-cutter, oily floors with sanitization

  • Steel Polish

    Rust removal on stainless steel, brass and other metals

  • All Clean

    Cleaning of kitchen utensils, glassware, floors, oily surfaces, tanks, crates, cans, process area etc.

  • Grill Cleaner

    Removing heavy Carbonceous and baked-on deposits from equipments like Ovens, Grills, Fryers, Hot plates, etc.

  • De-scaler

    Removing calcium and magnesium scales from hard surfaces, metals and glass

  • Vegetable Sanitizer

    Peracetic acid based sanitizer for vegetables and flowers offering protection against microbial contamination resulting in increased shelf life. It can be used by manual dipping as well as through spraying