Chemicals » Housekeeping

  • Washroom Cleaner

    Cleaning and disinfection for all surface fittings, bathtub, sinks, walls, tiles. Also effective in removing hard stains.

  • Floor Cleaner

    Hard surface cleaning including mirrors, polished floors (marble, granite, tiles etc.). Can also be used for regular mopping.

  • Glass Cleaner

    All types of glass and mirror cleaning. Gives streak free cleaning and does not leave marks post application.

  • Furniture Polish

    All wooden surfaces. Also useful to maintain polished metal surfaces like name plaes, brass handles etc.

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner

    Non-acidic cleaner for cleaning lime yellow scale deposits and stubborn stains from toilet bowl. Also acts as effective sanitizer.

  • De-scaler

    Removing calcium and magnesium scales from hard surfaces, metals and glass

  • Satonil

    Removal of scales and other matter clogging drainage pipes, cleaning of cooling towers, scale removal

  • Odour Remover

    Neutralizing foul odour. Also removes odour of organisms with equal efficiency